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Why Nepotism Works …



|| By FITSNEWS || This website ran an item earlier this week about Bill Funderburk, the spouse of a state lawmaker who is seeking a judicial appointment to South Carolina’s administrative law court.

Funderburk’s nomination will be voted on by members of the S.C. General Assembly – including his wife, Democratic lawmaker Laurie Slade Funderburk.

Is that right?  We don’t think so … and have said so.

“Any ethics reform package passed this year by the S.C. General Assembly include draconian new restrictions on relatives of lawmakers (and former lawmakers) getting state appointments,” we wrote. “We are sick unto death of politicians telling us how they support ethics reform … only to watch their kin folk get high paying gigs on our dime.”

Shortly after our post published, though, we were urged by one insider to focus our anti-nepotism zeal elsewhere …

How come?

“Because Funderburk is going to win,” our source said. “And you don’t want to be on board with a loser.”

Wait … huh?

Why on earth would a “Republican-controlled” legislature elect the spouse of a Democratic lawmaker?  Especially at a time when the spotlight is squarely focused on the epidemic of self-service within the S.C. General Assembly?

Is this person serious?

Yes … and the answer to the question ‘why” is as simple as it is sad.

“They don’t wanna say ‘no’ to one of their own.”

In other words, lawmakers are exceedingly reluctant to turn down Funderburk’s husband because doing so would set a precedent for their relatives – and they’d prefer to keep getting jobs for their relatives on your dime.  That is why nepotism works … because everybody is playing the game.