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SC Dems: So Much For Anti-Corruption …




|| By FITSNEWS ||  South Carolina Democrats are hoping to make news this week on ethics reform (and “Republican” hypocrisy on the issue)  … but they’ve got some hypocrisy of their own to deal with.

While the minority party pushes for new restrictions on self-interest at the S.C. State House, one of their own is looking to get her husband installed as a judge – an effort that is reportedly replete with controversy (beyond the obvious nepotism).

Bill Funderburk – husband of S.C. Rep. Laurie Slade Funderburk – is running for a slot on the S.C. Administrative Law Court.   What’s the big deal (aside from the fact his candidacy will be voted on by his wife’s colleagues in the S.C. General Assembly)?

According to our sources, this race has become the focus of some dirty dealing by Funderburk supporters.  In fact we’ve heard allegations of vote-trading similar to those that befell the 2014 legislative elections.  We’ve also heard allegations of taxpayer resources being expended on inducements for Funderburk’s husband – who would be eligible for certain benefits were he elected to the post.

While we investigate these claims, we’d remind readers of our oft-expressed views regarding legislative corruption in the election of judges …

“The process by which judges are elected in South Carolina is inherently corrupt … and must be radically reformed,” we wrote last year, arguing “the integrity of an entire branch of government depends on it.”

That hasn’t happened …

Beyond long-overdue judicial reform, we would also humbly submit that any ethics reform package passed this year by the S.C. General Assembly include draconian new restrictions on relatives of lawmakers (and former lawmakers) getting state appointments.

We are sick unto death of politicians telling us how they support ethics reform … only to watch their kin folk get high paying gigs on our dime.

Enough is enough.

Anyway, stay tuned for more on this story very soon as we continue to dig into yet another judicial scandal in state government.