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Free College For Err-body! Yay!




|| By FITSNEWS ||  Straight out of fantasy land … U.S. president Barack Obama has got another deal for you!

The liberal leader – apparently unaware his government is $18 trillion in the hole – is proposing taxpayers subsidize the first two years of community college for anyone “willing to work for it.”  Great … here we go again.

“Everyone understands that education is the key to success for our kids in the 21st century, but what we also understand is that it’s not just for kids. We also have to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to constantly train themselves for better jobs, better wages and better benefits,” Obama said in announcing his proposal.

No, no, no, no, no, no … NO.

Don’t get us wrong, education absolutely is the key to success … but if you think government is key to guaranteeing a good education, think again.  And if you think massive government investments produce equality of opportunity – spend some time in South Carolina.

Jasper County, specifically … 

More to the point, the existing higher education bureaucratic complex is already heavily subsidized by government … not only in the costly budgets of state-supported institutions of “higher learning” but also in the $1 trillion (and expanding) student loan bubble.

Not surprisingly, status quo “Republicans” in South Carolina – who are really nothing but Democrats in disguise – were warm to Obama’s idea.

“I am not sure how he proposed we pay for this, but I will say, it has more value than a whole lot of other programs we could do without to create a pool of money for this effort,” Upstate GOP consultant Chip Felkel wrote.

Well guess what … he didn’t propose how to pay for it.

Of course that’s no big deal for “Republicans” like Felkel, who never met a tax hike they didn’t lobby for …

Look: Free college would be awesome.  It would help millions of people.  Nobody’s arguing that.  And if it really were free, it would probably have some tremendously positive effects on the economy.

But like “free” health care, “free” college is not  free.  In fact, if the administration’s estimates are to be believed his latest plan would cost $34.2 billion a year – on top of the billions already being blown on higher education (which we hate to say, is not a core function of government).

That’s money that doesn’t go into the economy … where real jobs and real opportunities are created.