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“New Carolina” Isn’t Working




By FITSNEWS  ||  It’s been six years since this website mocked “New Carolina,” a government-subsidized propaganda organ advocating for command and control “economic development” in the Palmetto State.

What’s command and control “economic development?  It’s government stealing your money and giving it to other people.

Specifically, we accused “New Carolina” of spouting “a bunch of commie crap” – embracing policies that spent more tax money on crony capitalist “incentives” as well as more government funding for “our failed public schools, our bloated and inefficient higher ed system and ‘distressed areas’ of our state.”

Why did we say all that?  Because it was (and is) true. “New Carolina” – a.k.a. the S.C. Council on Competitiveness – is a group of ultra-leftists promoting an anti-taxpayer, pro-special interest agenda under the guise of “business friendliness.”  And despite having thrown all sorts of “synergies,” “clusters” and other flowery language at the Palmetto State’s chronic economic and academic underachievement for the last six years (the way members of the “Republican” S.C. General Assembly have thrown money at those problems) … nothing has changed.

Neither the flowery rhetoric … nor the billions of dollars in new taxpayer spending … have changed a damn thing.  In fact things have actually gotten worse.

“We, the tenacious people of New Carolina, declare independence from mediocrity,” this group wrote six years ago as its credo.  “We will reach beyond past mistakes and build on historic successes toward a bright future that lifts our families, our schools, our businesses. From this day forward, we will demonstrate a new will and forge a new way.”


It gets worse …

“With tireless passion, bold leadership and decisive action, we will silence the nay-sayers, the doubters, the cynics,” the New Carolina manifesto continued. “We will encourage the innovators and teachers, and celebrate the courageous. In doing so, we will become a leader in public education, entrepreneurial success, personal income and quality of life. Each day we will reach for, and push each other, until one day the world will acknowledge us as ‘The New Land of Opportunity.’ New energy. New ideas. New action. New Jobs.”

How’s all that working out?

Well, assuming “The Lost Decade” (a.k.a. 2000-10) was this group’s starting point … guess what: Things have gotten even crappier.

South Carolina currently has the sixth-lowest income levels in the country.  And the seventh-lowest labor participation rate.  And the worst government-run education system in America.  And is currently the most criminal, most corrupt, least transparent state in the country.

All this despite the S.C. General Assembly passing record-setting budgets each year (with a few hundred thousand bucks thrown in for “New Carolina” itself).

Yet still … despite their demonstrable failure … on “New Carolina’s” website you can still find the same ridiculous “credo.”

Sheesh …

What’s our credo?  They may call us “nay-sayers, doubters and cynics,” but our credo is simple: “No Ragrets.” As in we had “No Ragrets” bashing these big government corporate cronyists then, and “No Ragrets” bashing them now.

Seriously … not even one letter.

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In fact our founding editor Will Folks personally challenges the head of this organization – Ann Marie Stieritz – to debate him anytime, anyplace regarding who has the better plan for moving South Carolina’s economy forward.  Sure she was educated at la Sorbonne and he was high as a kite while attending “USuCk,” but he’s confident he can hold his own.

Bottom line?  If these socialists are going to continue picking our pockets to give their wealthy buddies tax breaks … we’re going to continue calling them out for it.