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Bakari Sellers Launches TV Campaign




By FITSNEWS || S.C. Rep. Bakari Sellers launched his first television advertisement of the 2014 campaign for lieutenant governor of South Carolina – a thirty-second spot entitled “Believe.”

“Our state is home to great natural beauty and hard-working people,” Sellers says in the spot.

A centrist Democrat from rural Bamberg, S.C., Sellers is running against establishment “Republican” Henry McMaster – who is best known for his multiple attempts at statewide office (most of them unsuccessful) as well as his affinity for “whites only” social clubs.

In fact McMaster’s repeated bids for elected office are the focus of Sellers’ spot, which refers to the former SCGOP chairman as a “career politician who offers the same old failed solutions year after year.”

“We are excited about our campaign’s increased momentum during this past month,” Sellers told FITS. “People I have talked with across our state believe as I do, that we can do better. I will continue to work hard over the next two weeks traveling our state discussing our plan to move South Carolina forward.”

Here’s Sellers’ spot …

(Click to play)

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Yeah … somebody cue the cast of “Up With People.”  Because that is one cheery ad.

Conventional wisdom dictates that a black Democrat – especially one with a name only a few letters removed from “Barack” – doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning a statewide election in “Republican-controlled” South Carolina.

And maybe conventional wisdom is correct …

But Sellers has staked out some solid middle-of-the-road fiscal ground – including a stand against increasing the state’s gasoline tax (ironically, a gas tax hike has become a “Republican” agenda item for the upcoming legislative session).

Maybe enough voters are paying attention …

We’ll see …