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SC Lottery Getting Audited




By FITSNEWS || Trick … or treat?

The S.C. Legislative Audit Council (SCLAC) will release a report on the Palmetto State’s government-run gambling monopoly later this month … on Halloween, actually.

Not only will the report address the operations of the so-called S.C. “Education” Lottery, it will also delve into whether the proceeds from these games are actually going where they’re supposed to be going (here’s a hint: they’re not).

What will the report likely leave totally unresolved, though?  The real question: Whether running a gambling ring is a core function of government.

This website has repeatedly argued in support of private sector gaming … and in opposition to the state’s government-run gambling monopoly (which has been embraced by Gov. Nikki Haley and the state’s “Republican” General Assembly).

In fact we find it highly hypocritical how our state’s leaders rail on the social evils of gambling … while running a gambling operation.

Makes us think the real reason behind their full-fledged assault on gambling is to preserve their own monopoly.

Bottom line?  It shouldn’t matter if the S.C. Education Lottery is the most efficiently run organization in state government (which wouldn’t be saying much) – or the most incompetent (which would be quite a feat).  It shouldn’t exist in the first place.