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CSOL Savior Has A Job For You, Young Lawyers!




We don’t know much about law schools, but our guess is when you graduate from one of them you should be earning more than $12.50 an hour.  Hell, the fast food workers protesting down in Charleston, S.C. are lobbying for more than that.

Anyway …

FITS was tipped off recently by several sources in the Holy City regarding some legal grunt work being performed by recent graduates of the Charleston School of Law (CSOL) on behalf of the firm of Richardson, Patrick, Westbrook and Brickman.  For those of you unfamiliar with the third name in that marquee, it belongs to none other than Ed Westbrook – who styles himself as the savior of CSOL.

Westbrook’s firm was just tapped by Lowcountry U.S. District judge Richard M. Gergel as the lead counsel in a class action suit against Pfizer over its drug Lipitor, which the suit claims causes type two diabetes in women.

Is that true?

We have no idea.  We know nothing about the suit except that several recent CSOL graduates are said to be working for peanuts on the case – which could make Westbrook’s firm millions of dollars.

These aren’t paralegals, either.  These are licensed, accredited lawyers.

Hmmmmm …

Westbrook’s alleged legal sweatshop has some in Charleston crying foul, “especially when he has been the most vocal critic of the recent moves the law school has made and the detrimental impact those moves may have on the younger attorneys.”

“Grossly under-employing the same graduates you claim to be advocating on behalf of seems a bit contradictory to say the least,” one source told us.

Interesting …

FITS has been a frequent critic of CSOL and of Infilaw – the private company that’s currently in negotiations to purchase the law school.  Having said that, we unilaterally reject any effort by state government to interfere with the proposed sale of an asset from one private entity to another.