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Union Fast Food Protest Targets Charleston




A nationwide protest organized by the uber-liberal Service Employees International Union (SEIU) blocked traffic in Charleston, S.C. as megaphone-wielding demonstrators sought to shut down the city’s “crosstown” artery.  The SEIU is working to mobilize fast food workers – part of a broader effort by the administration of Barack Obama to target this fast-growing industry.

(For more on that, check out a recent article from Bill Wilson of Americans for Limited Government HERE).

According to Net Right Daily , the union – one of America’s largest and fastest growing organized labor groups – is borrowing home health care workers to artificially inflate its presence (and maximize disruption).

“These outside agitators with no direct ties to the restaurant or their employees are an intentional attempt by the union to increase tensions and create headlines grabbing lawlessness,” the website reports.

In Charleston, the demonstrators physically blocked vehicles from traversing the “crosstown” section of Highway 17 – which runs from the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge over the Cooper River to the Ashley River Memorial Bridge on the opposite side of the Charleston peninsula.

“They’ve completely rerouted all incoming traffic coming into Charleston,” one witness told FITS.

Pics from the protest seemed to indicate what one witness described as a “non-event,” with the police response doing more to back up traffic than the actual demonstration.

“More cops than protesters,” one tweeted.

However numerous motorists in the Charleston area reached out to FITS reporting major delays related to the protest.

The protestors are demanding an increase in the national minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $15 per hour – another shameless sop to labor unions that would do more harm than good.

FITS does not support raising the minimum wage, we support abolishing it.


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