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Boeing Dreamliner Report A “Bombshell Detonation”




It hasn’t even aired in the United States yet, but a forthcoming news report on aircraft manufacturer Boeing’s troubled Dreamliner aircraft is already making waves across the country.

Entitled “Broken Dreams: The Boeing 787” – the report goes inside Boeing’s troubled North Charleston, S.C. facility, exposing in detail many of the issues this website has been writing on for months related to this heavily taxpayer-subsidized facility.  It also raises additional issues … including allegations of widespread drug use by Boeing employees.

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One source familiar with the report is already describing it as a “bombshell detonation.”

“It qualifies – dramatically so – a quantitative problem,” the source said. “It’s drugs – and drugs always make for sexy headlines.”

Predictably, South Carolina’s subservient mainstream media – most notably The Charleston (S.C.) Post and Courier – isn’t offering its readers any such headlines.  Why not?  Easy: The paper is in the tank for Boeing.  In fact not only did it refuse to investigate the North Charleston plant’s problems (including the drug allegations), it’s actually attacking Al Jazeera – the network which is airing the report – for its use of hidden cameras at the Boeing facility.

Meanwhile South Carolina’s two establishment candidates for governor are arguing over who loves Boeing the most.

Elsewhere, though, the Al Jazeera report is receiving praise.

“Hidden-camera reportage is not the most satisfying investigative technique – the viewer can’t judge credibility or context – but the unflattering portrait is fleshed out with on-the-record interviews with former employees and others,” observed Neil Genzlinger of The New York Times.  “There’s nothing harder in journalism than getting behind the scenes of a manufacturing process, whether it’s for airplanes or frozen food, to see what’s really going on.”

You can say that again … 

For those of you keeping score at home, South Carolina taxpayers have given Boeing more than $1 billion since 2009.