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State House Website: Hacked?



The official web portal of South Carolina’s all-powerful legislative branch of government went offline for an extended period of time last week – raising concerns that the website might have been hacked.

The portal – – was offline for more than 24 hours last Thursday and Friday, which we’re told was due to a “hard fail” of the site’s servers.  Employees at the State House were told by legislative staff that the outage was a “Microsoft issue.”

Hmmmm … (when it’s accessible) enables users to track legislation, roll call votes, budgets and other information related to the legislative process.  It also allows them to find out who represents them in the S.C. House of Representatives and State Senate.

Why would anyone want to hack this site?

We’re not sure … as far as we know it doesn’t contain any sensitive information.

That  agency’s already been hacked, remember?