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Gallup has just released its latest snapshot of Palmetto State residents’ view of several “key metrics” heading into the 2014 midterm elections.  And while South Carolina is far from a “swing state,” it is a key early voting state in the upcoming presidential election.

So pay attention, presidential wannabes …

On partisan identification, 43 percent of respondents said were either Republican or “leaned Republican” – compared to 39 percent who were Democratic or leaned that way.  Those percentages were reversed at the national level – with Democrats (and Democratic leaners) enjoying a 43-39 lead over the GOP.

Ideologically, 42 percent of South Carolina respondents defined themselves as “conservative,” compared to 33 percent who said they were moderate and 18 percent who said they were liberal.  Nationally, conservatives and moderates draw 36 percent support compared to 23 percent for liberals.

On the economic front, Gallup asked South Carolinians to rate their confidence in the national economy on a scale of -100 to 100 – producing a -21 response (compared to the national average of -16).  The state economy scored a 23, though, identical to the national average.  Only 37 percent of South Carolinians said it was a good time to get a job in their city or area, though, below the national average of 4o percent.

Also only 42 percent of South Carolinians say they have a full-time job (below the national average of 43 percent).

For more data from the survey, CLICK HERE.