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Who is … Tone Loc? What?

No, not Tone Loc … we’re not talking about the dude who sang Funky Cold Medina (and had a cameo in Michael Mann’s crime epic Heat ). We’re talking about Tove Lo … a.k.a. 26-year-old Swedish dance pop star Tove Ebba Elsa Nilsson.  We were turned on (literally) to Tove by a platonic compadre this week and we gotta say … she’s the real deal on all fronts.

Killer songs.  Deep lyrics.  Amazing voice.  And she’s smokin’ hot.  And quite bi-curious, judging from the crazy hot video to her song “Habits (Stay High).”

Tove’s debut album – Queen of the Clouds  – will be released on September 30.   It includes “Stay High” and “Not On Drugs.”  Yeah … ponder that dichotomy.  While our founding editor ponders Tove and Emily Haines of Metric getting down.

(Musically … come on).

And yes, if you’re looking to burn some calories at the gym … download both of those tracks we mentioned earlier on iTunes.  Or whatever it is people without iPhones use to download stuff.  Seriously … your body will thank you.

Sweden owes America a great musical debt.  After Abba and Ace of Base, Tove is the least they could do …

Enjoy …

(Click to play)