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Gas Prices Ease




The average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in South Carolina is currently $3.15 – the cheapest statewide average in America, according to the AAA fuel gauge.

That’s two cents cheaper than it was a week ago and sixteen cents cheaper than it was a month ago.   Oh, and nineteen cents cheaper than when we last checked in on gas prices in the spring.   It’s also twenty-nine cents below the national average of $3.44 per gallon of regular unleaded – which is down from $3.58 a month ago.

Good news, right?  Sure …

South Carolina’s gas is four cents cheaper than Mississippi’s – the state with the second-lowest prices.  Of course that brings up something the mainstream media never  points out: While the Palmetto and Magnolia States always boast some of the nation’s cheapest petrol – the statistic is deceiving.  How so?  Well, South Carolina and Mississippi are dirt poor – which means even though their gas prices are low, their residents are still paying a higher percentage of their income on fuel than residents of other states.

In fact Mississippians pay the highest percentage of their income on fuel costs, with South Carolina ranking No. 2.

Not good, people … and it’s about to get worse.

“Republicans” led by S.C. Senators Hugh Leatherman (RINO-Florence) and Ray Cleary (RINO-Horry) want to impose a whopping 125 percent increase in the state’s gasoline tax, hoping to hike it from 16 to 36 cents over a ten year period beginning in 2015.

Other “Republican” lawmakers are reportedly planning to introduce similar increases …

Thankfully moderate Democratic S.C. Rep. Bakari Sellers – who is running for lieutenant governor – has vowed to block this increase.  That’s a pretty courageous stand for a Democrat to take – especially with all the clamoring about our state’s infrastructure needs.

(For more on that scam, CLICK HERE).

We oppose the gas tax hike on principle – and support Sellers in his efforts to achieve modest gas tax relief.

What are prices like at your local filling station? Include your experience in our comments section below …