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Don’t Get Off The Interstates In SC




South Carolina’s government-subsidized slogan used to be “Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places.”  Forgotten that?  It was on all the license plates …

We’re not arguing with the beautiful places claim … the Palmetto State is home to some of the most aesthetically endearing places on the planet.  It’s home to a lot of smiling faces, too … although it’s probably a good idea to beware of the hygiene and intent lurking behind those (frequently toothless) grins.

Anyway, if you have the misfortunate of traveling on an Interstate in South Carolina (20, 26, 77, 85 or 95),  word to the wise: Don’t get off.  Seriously.  Gas up at the Georgia or North Carolina border and just keep right on trucking … no matter how bad the roads get or how bad you’ve got to relieve yourself.

How come?

Well, a friend of ours forwarded us this snippet from the Facebook page of a female TV reporter/ producer …

Just walked into a gas station in the middle of nowhere on my way back to Greenville….and there stood a cop and 4 other men around the counter smoking weed. (Open flame in a gas station may not be the best idea…)

I grabbed water and went to check out… Awkward silence ensued. Until the officer observed the following.

“You’re not from around here. We don’t have your kind here. I know because you have pretty teeth.”

I feel like there should be a road trip to discover all these small towns…there’s some interesting characters in them for sure.

Whoa …

This website has consistently supported the decriminalization of all drugs … but on-duty police officers toking up at gas stations strikes us as more than a little bizarre.

Anyway, we’re glad the reporter/ producer got out of there alive … as it sounds like several of the inhabitants of this gas station (located near Fountain Inn, S.C.) were sizing her up with lascivious intent.  Even if none of them could define or spell “lascivious.”

Ah, “South Cack …”



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