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Not long ago, former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford was the focus of an expansive piece in The New York Times  magazine – an article which exposed a not-so-secret spat between him and his successor, Gov. Nikki Haley.

According to the narrative, Haley never expressed appreciation to Sanford after he authorized $400,000 worth of advertising for her in the spring of 2010 – money which transformed her from a last-place rabble rouser into a legitimate contender with loads of momentum.

Not only did Haley never thank Sanford, she refused to help the former governor’s son get a ticket to a University of South Carolina football game.

Sanford didn’t discuss the spat with the magazine – nor did he discuss it with us in a follow-up post we wrote.

(Nor has he discussed whether the money he agreed to allocate to pro-Haley ads was technically legal).

Anyway, Sanford did address the issue this week during an appearance on Charleston, S.C. radio (WTMA 1250 AM).

“Mark Sanford was on the show today and confirmed that Nikki Haley never thanked him for that $400,000 he gave her that saved her (gubernatorial) campaign,” WTMA host Tara Servatius told us.

Here’s the clip …

Ouch …

Sanford and Haley began sparring way back during the 2010 campaign, when she began reneging on her commitment to fiscal conservatism after winning the GOP nomination.  Those fences have never really been mended, although Sanford has generally refrained from publicly criticizing Haley – and vice versa.