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This website has never been a fan of William Hubbard … the University of South Carolina trustee who is taking over as president of the left-leaning American Bar Association (ABA).  You know, while keeping his crony capitalist gig at the school …

Anyway, we’ve made our distaste for Hubbard’s brand of taxpayer-subsidized enrichment perfectly clear in the past … and will no doubt continue to make it perfectly clear in the future.

It’s nothing personal … we just don’t appreciate our tax dollars going to advance this guy’s business interests and political career.  To wit:  We checked out the University’s “spending transparency” website recently (as we are wont to do from time to time) and found some curious disbursements from USC to the ABA.

In 2012-12, USC paid out a total of $25,072 to the organization.  In 2012-13, that number climbed to $33,550.  Most of the money went to “contributions and dues,” while the rest went to “supplies.”

No word yet on how much the organization received in 2013-14 budget – or how much it was promised in the 2014-15 (current) budget.  It is curious, though, that the cash outlays to the ABA started going up around the time Hubbard started positioning himself for ABA president – and running his reelection campaign for the USC board.

Whatever you think of the ABA’s far left agenda – which includes government-subsidized abortion, an assault weapons ban and other top ticket items of the Democratic establishment – there’s no way in hell South Carolina taxpayers should be funding it.

Especially not in light of Hubbard’s conflict …

Members of the S.C. General Assembly have been quick to strip ideologically driven funding out of the state’s higher ed budget in the past.  Maybe they should do so in this case, too?