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Letter: On Immigration



RE: Palmetto State Awash In Immigration Rumors

Dear Editor, Twenty-eight percent income tax. 15.5 percent workers’ compensation tax. 7.5 percent general liability … that’s being way behind on any given estimate in which my competition uses illegal immigrants.

That’s not being out hustled by a Mexican. Also I have a BA in visual art and have been installing floor covering and doing renovations in Lexington, S.C. for twenty-seven years.

I’m far from an uneducated cracker who wants his job back. However, I do grow tired of all the vans full of illegals who have plenty of work while I struggle to stay busy.

I wish all people well … but you gotta pay to play.  I have compassion for stuggling Hispanics. But I also have a four-year-old son whose biggest obstacle to a healthy happy future shouldn’t be … being a “good” American.

Robert Johnson
Lexington, S.C.




Robert: You’re right. The rules should be fair for everyone who plays – and companies shouldn’t be penalized for playing by the rules. Thank you for submitting this and providing your incredibly useful perspective on this ongoing debate.