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Another Slave Museum?




South Carolina taxpayers are about to be on the hook for $50 million of a $75 million “Slave Museum” in downtown Charleston, S.C., according to the Associated Press.

For those of you educated in one of the Palmetto State’s government-run schools, that’s two-thirds of the total estimated cost of the facility.

The project – which is being pushed by longtime Charleston mayor Joe Riley – is banking on $25 million from state taxpayers and another $25 million from city taxpayers.  Private gifts would fund the remainder of the cost.

Here’s the thing, though … Charleston, S.C. already has a government-funded “Slave Museum,” the Old Slave Mart Museum on Chalmers Street.  According to the city’s website, the museum “recounts the story of Charleston’s role in this inter-state slave trade by focusing on the history of this particular building and site and the slave sales that occurred here.”

Sources tell FITS the facility operates on an annual budget of $200,000 – although it has recently undergone renovations.

Why does Charleston need two government-subsidized “Slave Museums?”  Easy:  It doesn’t … nor does the state need to subsidize Confederate crap, either.

Museums of any kind (funded by any government entity at any level) … are unnecessary expenditures of taxpayer funds.  And every last one of them should be privatized.  Immediately.  That goes for Charleston’s duplicative slave museums as well as the planned Confederate shrine to the H.L. Hunley submarine – which has already sucked millions of dollars from South Carolina taxpayers.

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