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S.C. State Leader Gets … A Raise?



Earlier this week we wrote about the latest scandal at S.C. State University, a chronically mismanaged “historically black” school located in Orangeburg, S.C.

S.C. State is a disaster, people … with corrupt leaders running big deficits that get passed on to you, the taxpayers.

The school’s leaders have also flat out lied to state officials about its deficits – yet S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley decided to give them a $6 million bailout anyway.

Amazing …

Thomas J. Elzey (above, left ) – S.C. State’s president – should have been run out of his office a long time ago.  But this is South Carolina, where big government’s corruption and/ or incompetence is invariably greeted by taller stacks of taxpayer cash.

Just this week it was announced that Elzey – who already makes $202,000 a year (not counting his benefits package or the $25,000 annual housing allowance he receives) – got a $50,000 bonus for receiving a “satisfactory” annual review.

For those of you keeping score at home, Elzey’s bonus alone is roughly $8,000 more than the median South Carolina household  makes in a year.  In fact his annual housing allowance is $1,000 more than the state’s per capita personal income.

Unbelievable …

If such ridiculousness sounds familiar, it should.  Rewarding failure is nothing new in the Palmetto State – where corrupt bureaucrats running underperforming agencies or institutions are routinely incentivized for their failure.

And yet we’re shocked when nothing changes …

Thomas Elzey is not  doing a “satisfactory” job at S.C. State.  He’s doing a terrible job.  In fact if this school was in the private sector, it would be out of business within a decade.

But that’s exactly what should happen.  South Carolina taxpayers have no business subsidizing a bloated, duplicative and dysfunctional higher education system – especially not if they’re going to bitch and moan about shortages for things like highway funding.

Seriously … Haley and state lawmakers just agreed on a $25.1 billion budget (the largest in state history).  How on earth is there not enough money for the core functions of government but plenty of money to blow on raises for incompetent bureaucrats?

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