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Why … So … Serious?




Mark Mayfield was a prominent attorney in Mississippi known for his work with the state’s Tea Party network.  He was one of the top supporters of Chris McDaniel, the State Senator who nearly knocked off veteran fiscal liberal Thad Cochran – a status quo “Republican.”

In fact were it not for establishment “Republicans” pulling this sort of thing, McDaniel would have defeated Cochran …

Anyway, Mayfield was one of four individuals charged in May with – get this – “conspiracy to photograph someone without their permission on private property.”  The charge – which for reasons surpassing understanding is a felony – was part of a plot to sneak photos of Cochran’s bed-ridden wife from a nursing home back in April.

Mayfield didn’t take the photos, but he allegedly assisted the blogger who did …

For that, Mayfield was hauled out of his downtown Jackson law office by a horde of cops … a made-for-TV event that cost him tons of business.  And in case anybody missed that, Cochran supporters ran TV ads featuring his mug shot.

And of course McDaniel lost the election …

With all of that weighing on him, the 57-year-old apparently made the decision last week to take his own life … blowing his brains out with a revolver in a storage room of his garage.

Crazy, huh?

Tea Partiers are doing their best to make Mayfield a martyr … which we think is ridiculous.  Sure, he was professionally assailed and character assassinated for a nothing burger offense.  And yes, we have no doubt Cochran and the GOP establishment had plans to make his life miserable moving forward.

So what …

Scrotum up, dude.