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How To Beat RINOs




Here at FITS, we’re all done with the “Republican” party … and have been for some time.

We think the best way to effect real change in government is to engage the vast untapped electorate via the independent route – i.e. campaigns not bound by the antiquated dogma (and special interest obeisance) of the failed two-party establishment. Seriously – does anyone not think there’s a market out there for candidates who support letting people keep more of their money? And keeping government from slipping its tentacles deeper into their lives?

Of course there is … but “Republicans” and Democrats hold a vice grip over the money and the media driving political debate, meaning every two years we are treated to rhetorical battles between cookie cutter candidates who are far more alike than they are different.

Take the 2014 gubernatorial election, for example …

When it comes to spending, incumbent “Republican” Nikki Haley and her Democratic challenger Vincent Sheheen have disagreed on less than one half of one percent  of the state budget over the last four years.

If that’s not arguing at the margins we don’t know what is …

Anyway, for those of you who still believe pro-free market, pro-liberty reform is best effected by working within the confines of the “Republican” party, we have an object lesson from Anderson County, S.C.

There, incumbent liberal Dan Bowen – a “Republican” – was defeated in this week’s partisan primary election by Jonathon Hill, a GOP candidate described by reform-minded lawmakers in the S.C. General Assembly as a “real deal conservative.”

We’ll believe that when we see it, but Hill did beat Bowen decisively …

How’d he do it?

First, he worked his ass off … knocking on more than 4,000 doors in his district. Granted a lot of them were probably slammed in his face (people are kinda turned off to politics these days), but enough of them stayed open long enough for him to make his case.

Which brings us to the second reason Hill won … the case against Bowen …

don bowen

Yup …

“This is what beat Don Bowen,” one veteran Anderson politico told FITS, referring to a mail piece (above) touting his support of a local option sales tax increase currently making its way through the S.C. General Assembly.

And therein lies the recipe for defeating RINOs … combine a credible and/ or hard-working candidate with a demonstration of the incumbent’s disloyalty to taxpayers.

The success of this formula is even more noteworthy when you consider Anderson County has been sending fiscal liberals to the S.C. House of Representatives for decades.

Voters are ready to “throw the bastards out.” They just need a reason – and a reasonable alternative.

We believe such alternatives are best provided through independent campaigns, but here’s hoping Hill will wind up being a credible pro-free market vote despite the increasingly stigmatized “R” behind his name …