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Bravo, Chip Huggins




We don’t often find ourselves dispensing praise to members of the S.C. General Assembly … because invariably, members of the S.C. General Assembly do not behave in a manner deserving of praise.

What do they deserve? Based on South Carolina’s economic and academic standing, they need repeated swift kicks to the nether regions … until they’ve all been kicked out of office.

S.C. Rep. Chip Huggins – a “Republican” from Lexington County – is an exception to that rule, though. At least this week …

What did Huggins do? He stood up to a $26.6 million boondoggle that we exclusively reported on last month – one involving the Bull Street redevelopment project in downtown Columbia, S.C.

For those of you unfamiliar with this scam, Columbia S.C. “Mayorhood” Steve Benjamin and other city leaders are looking to expand an existing state-level tax credit for the restoration of abandoned buildings on this property as a way of subsidizing their much larger boondoggle.

It sounds legit, but it is basically picking the pockets of taxpayers to the tune of $26.6 million … all to benefit one developer.

Huggins – a member of the powerful S.C. House ways and means committee (which writes the state budget) – is having none of it. In fact he’s told the special interests pushing the proposal – including this Bible-beating fiscal liberal – that he will be aggressively working against them as they attempt to ram it through the S.C. General Assembly.

Good for him …

Every state lawmaker should join Huggins in opposing this $26.6 million handout to a wealthy developer …