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Bobby Harrell Walks Back His Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory




S.C. Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell is desperate to do something … anything … to shift the onus in his ongoing public corruption saga.

The embattled official’s latest adventure in “blame deflection?” Harrell has invoked the tired old “regional envy” theory into the scandal swirling around his Speakership … suggesting efforts to diminish the influence of the South Carolina Lowcountry (and specifically Charleston, S.C.) are behind the investigation into his numerous corrupt dealings.

During a radio appearance in Charleston earlier this week, Harrell told WTMA 1250 AM host Tara Servatius “we had a lot of folks in powerful positions from down here” and that geography was one reason he was being “targeted.”

Sheesh …

Facing a backlash over his asinine remark, Harrell sprung into damage control mode – ringing up his public relations agency (errr, local newspaper), The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier.

Always willing to lend Harrell a hand, the Post and Courier   published a story in which Harrell claimed that “other Charleston Republicans” were responsible for promoting the theory, not him.

“I’ve had a number of people from the Lowcountry tell me that they think that’s what’s going on and that’s what I was trying to express on the radio,” he told the paper. “I don’t think there’s anything that organized going on, but I am hearing that just about everywhere I go in the Lowcountry.”


That’s news to us … and to Charlestonians.

“I know of no person repeating what Harrell claims in the article,” one of Harrell’s constituents told FITS. “I live in the Lowcountry — more specifically, in Harrell’s district. If anything, people disparage or curse Harrell when his name is mentioned.”

Which is exactly as it should be …

Even more telling is how the Post and Courier  refers to the investigation surrounding Harrell as being tied to “ethics-related allegations that he used campaign funds for personal use.” Talk about an understatement.

Harrell isn’t just accused of campaign finance violations, there’s a whole host of shady behavior being looked at by S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson’s grand jury. And then there are the corrupt lengths to which Harrell has gone in an effort to evade accountability for his actions.

Sadly such “home cooking” from this ethically challenged publication is nothing new … as the Post and Courier  has repeatedly sought to provide Harrell with cover for his dirty dealings.

Frankly this whole episode isn’t just embarrassing for Harrell, it’s another embarrassment for South Carolina’s Fourth Estate.

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