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Curtis Loftis: SC Owes Its People $420 Million – Want Your Share?




Your State Treasurer’s Office is holding $420 million in funds owed to the taxpayers, and it is my job as State Treasurer to locate and return the money to its rightful owner. Our Palmetto Payback Program receives vast quantities of unclaimed assets each year. While some are owed large amounts and others are owed only a little, the fact remains – it is YOUR money. I won’t be happy until it is in your pocket, not mine!

To be a faithful steward of your money, I must work diligently to ensure that special interests don’t repeal the Unclaimed Property statutes.  In fact, there are groups working right now in South Carolina that want to keep your money and to spend it like it is theirs! Standing up to these special interest groups is not easy and I may need your help. I may ask you to make your voice heard by writing letters and making phone calls to your elected representatives in the General Assembly. Regardless what special interests says, we know it is your money – not theirs.

Hundreds of thousands of South Carolinians should be reunited with their money. It is easy to do so…just click the link below and it will take you to the Unclaimed Property Program. On the website, simply type in your name and see if you are a winner! Also, we have developed a link that can be placed on public or private websites that will direct people to the Unclaimed Property search engine. If you would like a link to place on your church, business or even personal website, just hit reply and send me a note. The link and the search engine belong to you…so use them!

This program represents an incredible opportunity to serve you. It represents the best efforts of dedicated state employees combined with the passion of your elected Treasurer to serve you. If you know how we can reach more people and return unclaimed property to them, please drop me a note. We want to expand our ability to reach more South Carolinians.

Have a wonderful day, and with a little luck, I hope you find and spend your “reclaimed funds” well!


Curtis Loftis
State Treasurer

(Editor’s Note: The above communication is a news release and does not necessarily reflect the editorial position of To submit your letter, news release, email blast, media advisory or issues statement for publication, click here).