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Mark Sanford Issues Statement On Tax Freedom Day



WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Representative Mark Sanford released the following statement recognizing Tax Freedom Day, the day when American taxpayers have collectively earned enough to pay off the entire tax burden for that year:

“When you think of a tax day in April, you probably think of the day you need to pay your taxes by – April 15th. But today is another important tax day that doesn’t get enough attention– Tax Freedom Day,” said Sanford. “I have two quick thoughts to share on this occasion.”

“One, it’s scary to think that it takes us working nearly 4 months this year just to pay what the government charges us. A little over a century ago it only took us less than a month and this slow slide is worth keeping an eye on each year.”

“Second, as a consequence, Americans are becoming less free. If we need to spend over a third of our year paying off government, we have much less freedom in deciding how we want to live. If you take home more of your paycheck, you can choose whether you want to spend that money on rent, go out to eat, save it or a host of other things…but ultimately the choice is yours. Conversely, when government takes more out of your paycheck you have less freedom to make choices about the money you have earned.”

“Since New Year’s Day we have been working just to pay off government, and it’s a good reminder that the fight for limited government is necessary, because ultimately it comes down to the freedom we each enjoy as Americans.”


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