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Letter: Sheri Few Is A Fraud



Dear Editor,

By now you should be familiar with the Sheri Few story that is unfolding. If not, please familiarize yourself with the details contained in the links of this letter.

S.C. Superintendent of Education candidate Sheri Few has illegally used her non-profit’s name, resources, social media pages, mail permit, finances and volunteers for her own personal gain. She has done it over and over again. No one should be able to get by with this, yet the media continues to look the other way.

There is no disputing this, because the evidence speaks for itself.

This story shows that she is using her non-profit, South Carolina Parents Involved in Education (SCPIE) for her own financial gain.

When asked about it, instead of being a true leader and accepting responsibility – she denied it and claimed it was an “innocent mistake” and blamed someone who she labeled a volunteer.

There is evidence to suggest Sheri Few has been doing this exact same thing since her first losing run for office in 2004 (ten years ago) and that this so-called volunteer is her upstate director, Johnnelle Raines. Johnnelle has been publicly trashing other candidates on Sheri Few’s campaign pages – including a fellow candidate who was nearly killed in an accident while campaigning.

No one has removed these posts.

Instead of talking about Sheri Few’s activities, Sheri and Company (self-described tea partiers) are desperately deflecting, and Sheri Few claims as long as people aren’t on the payroll, it is perfectly legal. That is not true.

This document shows that Sheri’s non-profit has been promoting her candidacy since 2004 (it also shows that she used her non-profit mailing permit). There is no “innocent mistake.” This was not a “volunteer.”

The Republican Party is well aware of the Few campaign’s illegal activity, and they are aware of Few winning a primary before, then losing to an unfunded democrat (in a conservative district no less!), but they refused to disqualify her. Yes, they had the opportunity to disqualify her from the ballot earlier this month. They chose not to.

Sheri Few claims somehow, all these pages were accidentally linked together. Not true. She does not have volunteers running her websites, she uses a web design firm – at least two of them in fact! I found this out from a simple web search, as they list her as a client. You can also find this out from Whois records for the websites.

Few’s SCPIE non-profit website has linked to the Stop Common Core Facebook page for a very long time. It is the official Facebook page of SCPIE, the non-profit, which has endorsed Sheri Few for ten years. How convenient. And how convenient that the non-profit holds non-profit events and then promotes her candidacy at these events. Do Republicans approve of this? We know the Republican Party does. Matthew Moore, where are you?

Sheri and her allies are trashing one of the black candidates in the race – Charmeka Childs – all over social media, claiming that current S.C. Superintendent of Education Mick Zais only changed his mind about Common Core “as an attempt to bolster her candidacy.” Yes, that’s right, the Common Core lady – who should have been praising this action – is instead trying to manipulate it into something against another candidate.

It gets even better. Just last week, Sheri received an endorsement from none other than another non-profit, The Laurens County Tea Party. Yes, a registered non-profit. What makes this so scandalous? The endorsement not only came under the name of the non-profit, but it was facilitated by Dianne Belsom.

Who is Dianne Belsom? You’ll want to sit down for this one! Dianne spoke in front of Congress recently about the IRS “targeting” her non-profit for political activities, but of course, she perjured herself in front of Congress, claiming “Poor little me, I’m so innocent”…sound familiar?

All of this can be confirmed on her campaign website.

(And here is more information).

Sheri Few lies and uses fear tactics and God’s name to beg for money. God would not approve of Sheri Few.

In this link, she claims she has completed graduate work. But, she has no degree whatsoever, from anywhere. Where is the media on this? Sherri is an arrogant, self centered perennial candidate who believes she is above the law.

Sheri claims to be a fiscally responsible conservative, yet, she takes government grants, then uses that money for her own gain. Sheri Few has a spotty financial background, details of which can be found on various websites.

The S.C. Superintendent is responsible for the state’s public education budget, on this alone, she is not qualified. Has anyone seen her non-profit financials? She has, at the very least, taken hundreds of thousands of dollars in government grants (taxpayer money!) that is public information. What is she doing with this money? She should release those documents to the media right away, or drop out of the race.

In this interview, Few admits to “authoring and administering” over four million dollars in grant money. Guess where that money comes from? The government (taxpayer money). We know this because the IRS says that her non-profit is primarily funded by government grants.

Further financial oddities were found in her campaign financials that were recently made public. Senator Larry Grooms donated $1,000.00 to her campaign, however, not only did Sheri list a wrong name, Larry Groms, but she did not mention he is a Senator, instead she listed him as a “business person”. Had she done just one or the other, it might have been a believable accident, but misspelling his name and not documenting who he really is, is very suspect. Sheri’s largest donors are from out of state, because she can’t seem to raise much money here in South Carolina.

It is obvious that she is using her candidacy and her non-profit to bolster each other. Win or lose, Sheri gets a big payday.

With all the people running for this position who are better qualified, it is obvious Few is in way over her head and lacks the qualifications needed for this important seat.

Sheri Few, please step down before it is too late.


R.E. Lantow

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