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The Ring: Sheriff Gets Ultimatum




Lexington County, S.C. Sheriff Jimmy Metts received an ultimatum from federal agents investigating the “Lexington Ring” last week.

Their message? Resign … or else.

According to multiple law enforcement sources familiar with the ongoing probe, the veteran Sheriff – who has served at his current post since 1972 – was told a quick and graceful exit could save him prison time when the hammer finally falls on this shady entourage.

For those of you new to this site, the “Lexington Ring” is a group of corrupt politicians and crooked cops who stand accused of running an illegal video poker operation based out of Lexington County, S.C. Details of the ring – including the mechanics of its operation and the cops and politicians it had on “lockdown” – were revealed in August 2012 thanks to audio recordings of part-time LCSD employee (and Lexington, S.C. town councilman) Danny Frazier.

Details of the “Ring” were first published by The (Columbia, S.C.) Free Times and by FITS (herehere and here). Television station WIS TV 10 (NBC – Columbia, S.C.) later sunk its teeth into the story – with reporter Jody Barr filing a series of reports delving deeper into the cabal.

The tapes were originally provided to S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley and the S.C. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) – an agency in the governor’s cabinet – but no action was taken.

Ever since the story broke twenty months ago, rumors about the “Ring” have waxed and waned … with many believing the whole scandal had been swept under the rug (in typical Palmetto political fashion).

Apparently not …

According to our sources, the investigation is very much alive – and likely to be “resolved” sometime this summer.

Hmmmm …

In addition to his alleged association with the “Ring,” Metts has also been accused of failing to report generous cash contributions made to his campaign.

Ironically, even some of Metts’ critics worry about what might happen if he steps down – or is removed from office due to scandal.

“You saw what happened when they took Muammar al-Gaddafi out in Libya, right?” one source said.

As we’ve noted from the beginning of our coverage of the “Ring,” we continue to believe that all forms of gambling should be legalized in South Carolina.  In fact these scandals have only heightened our resolve to integrate them into the free market – eliminating the current government-run gambling monopoly (as well as all of this backdoor corruption).