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Where should we start with The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper’s latest ad for government’s gambling monopoly in South Carolina?

Hmmmm …

Let’s begin with the spin that’s being put on the $10 million in ticket sales that preceded last week’s big $640 million jackpot- a ten-fold increase over the usual Mega Millions ticket blitz.

“This obviously was an historical jackpot run and we had historical sales,” Lottery commissioner Paula Harper Bethea told La Socialista.

Um, that would be historic … unless Bethea is trying to tell us that these record lottery sales took place at some point in the distant past (also its “a” historic, not “an” historic, dumbass).

Anyway …

Bethea goes on to say that South Carolina’s public schools are … wait for it … the “real winner” of the MegaMillions craze because they will receive a windfall of around$2.6 million from this bonanza. Of course that’s patently false – the money doesn’t go to public schools, it goes to this crap instead.

Seriously … you thought those “Lottery = Education” bumper stickers were telling you the truth?

You’re wrong.

Meanwhile, our state’s leaders continue to do everything within their power to make sure the private sector isn’t allowed to compete in this marketplace … because that would be “immoral.”

Do as they say not as they do, right?

So to recap, one of the Palmetto state’s largest mainstream media outlets is giving front-page ink to a borderline retard whose government-run monopoly is funneling money into pork barrel “economic development” boondoggles. And it’s all supposedly being done in the name of our “public schools,” which the last time we checked weren’t hurting for cash.

Of course if this many South Carolinians are dumb enough to believe that they’ve got a real shot at winning the lottery … they’re probably also dumb enough to keep swallowing the pablum that Paula Harper Bethea and other career bureaucrats keep feeding them.

All of which makes it a great day in South Carolina, people …