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Sources at the University of South Carolina-Upstate tell FITS the school is struggling in response to a boycott from Christian congregations upset with the school’s advancement of pro-homosexual propaganda.

FITS first reported on the religious right’s revulsion in this post … but it now appears as though the angry social conservatives are making real headway.

“(Upstate) churches are telling kids to go elsewhere,” one source familiar with the situation tells FITS.

Is this boycott having an effect on enrollment?

Apparently so …

Additionally, the school is reportedly facing “huge budget issues” as a result of the boycott.

“Layoffs being today,” our source added. “Academic programs being eliminated.”

So … is any of this causing school officials to rethink their controversial offerings? No … in fact next month the school is staging a production of Duncan Sheik’s Spring Awakening, a rock musical that tells the “story of teenagers discovering the inner and outer tumult of sexuality.”

The musical includes several homosexual scenes – which is fine with us (so long as we’re not subsidizing it).

Which brings us to the rub … (no double entendre intended).

This website has consistently argued that forcing taxpayers to pay for pro-gay propaganda – or pro-Christian propaganda – is wrong.  In fact we have repeatedly argued government ought to get out of the higher education business altogether – a market politicians never should have entered in the first place.