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Lindsey Graham: More Special Interest Whoring




Earlier this month, we reported on efforts by liberal U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham to introduce a federal online poker ban.

We opposed Graham’s latest infringement on liberty, and said so.

“Government has no business criminalizing this behavior – especially when virtually every state government runs its own gambling racket,” we wrote. “In fact that’s precisely what this is about … politicians protecting their ‘turf.’ Like friggin’ gangsters.”

Actually it’s even more insidious than that …

According to Politico, Graham isn’t just looking out for government’s gambling interests – he’s acting on behalf of casino mogul (and GOP mega-donor) Sheldon Adelson.

“Adelson launched a coalition late last year to ban online gaming,” Politico’s Anna Palmer and Burgess Everett report, noting he opposes the practice because it “could hurt the traditional business model of casinos.”

Really? You mean like Netflix hurt the “traditional business model” used by Blockbuster? Or the iPhone hurt the “traditional business model” used by Blackberry?

Sheesh …

Adelson has not only stroked checks directly to Graham’s campaign, he’s reportedly part of a massive independent expenditure effort aimed at pumping hundreds of thousands of additional dollars into South Carolina in support of Graham’s reelection.

Amazing …

We’ve said it before and we’re sure we will say it again … Lindsey Graham is nothing but a special interest whore willing to sell your freedom (and our free market) down the river the moment a special interest pay day comes-a-calling.

Shameful …