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Charleston School Of Law Alumni “Flip Out”




In our latest article addressing the ongoing soap opera at the Charleston School of Law (CSOL), we noted that one of the main reasons we cover this school is the reaction said coverage engenders.

“We cover (CSOL) because it is like kicking an ant hill,” we noted. “And we like kicking ant hills.”

Seriously … we don’t give a rat’s rear end (or the business end of an ant’s abdomen) what happens to this institution, so long as efforts by members of the S.C. General Assembly to subsidize it with public funds are defeated.

Anyway … in our latest article we published a last ditch effort by CSOL dean Andy Abrams to persuade reluctant alumni on the efficacy of the school’s proposed sale to diploma mill InfiLaw (a story we broke last spring). Abrams email was a comically ridiculous and self-serving plea that endeavored to put one last coat of polish on the big steaming turd that is the CSOL-InfiLaw deal.

Not surprisingly, it was immediately rebuked by two CSOL alumni (whose response emails we published).

Story done, right?

Wrong …  the fact we obtained and published CSOL alumni response emails has rubbed more than a few of them the wrong way (perhaps some lingering bitterness from the last time we made this school our bitch).

“As a reminder, when you signed up for this listserv, you agreed to keep these emails confidential,” warned Donna Cline – one of the group’s members. “Any breaches of this confidentiality will be considered to be a violation of our Professional Code of Conduct.”

Whoa …

Underscoring her seriousness, Cline added (emphasis original) “DO NOT FORWARD EMAILS TO ANY INDIVDIUALS (sic) OUTSIDE THIS GROUP.  PERIOD.”

Mmmm-kay … although it looks as though this stern warning has gone unheeded.

There’s another entry in which one of the alumni on the list announces the launch of an internal investigation into the leaks.

“I will be working along with others to determine if anyone on this list serve is responsible for forwarding these emails,” the author writes. “I suppose it’s possible that this came from the same old leak that’s been at the school for years, but I find that doubtful as I also emailed Abrams privately and my email does not appear on (FITS News). If any one has any information regarding this issue, please come forward. If we can’t trust one another to respect our privacy, we will have no choice to shut down this outlet, and I would have to recommend the same for any and all facebook groups.”

Awwwww … how cute.

Finally, the leaker was called a few names – and put on notice.

“There exists some Tory among us who makes any internal communication unsafe, so I can’t share it with y’all,” one of the group’s members writes. “Shame on you, Judas! We will find you out.”

Actually no … no you won’t.

But by all means … please continue affirming for posterity that graduates of CSOL are not only in possession of substandard degrees, but also plenty of free time.