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Luppe: Richard Eckstrom A “Walking, Talking Ethical Problem”



Michael Luppe, a Republican candidate running for Comptroller General in South Carolina, made the following comments this morning at a news conference in front of the Ethics Commission before Richard Eckstrom’s ethics hearing:

“Richard Eckstrom faces ethics charges for using campaign dollars for personal vacation. A career politician who struggles with the difference between right and wrong… Imagine that! He should know better.

This isn’t the first time he has had ethics trouble. A few years ago, Richard was caught going on vacation using the state car, which was even embarrassingly parodied on Saturday night live. Richard is a walking, talking ethical problem.

I will NOT use a state vehicle. I will use my own car to go to work just like every other normal person in this state.

Look, I’m not a career politician. In the private sector, if you’re consistently late with reports and you under-perform, you’re shown the door. Plain and simple. It’s time to show Richard Eckstrom the door.

It’s time for a change in the Comptroller’s office and I’m running to restore trust and efficiency to the office.”

Michael Luppe lives in Hartsville, SC with his wife, Andrea, and has spent his career in the private sector.


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