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FEMA Rejects Nikki Haley




S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s request for federal assistance in the wake of recent winter ice storms has been shot down …

In a letter dated March 13, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) acting associate administrator Elizabeth A. Zimmerman wrote to Haley informing her “it has been determined that the impact from this event was not of the severity and magnitude that would warrant an increase to the federal cost share.”

“Therefore your request for 100 percent federal funding for debris removal and emergency protective measures … is denied,” Zimmerman writes.


Haley wrote to FEMA on March 2 requesting the money. Her office has thirty days to appeal the federal decision.

South Carolina will still receive plenty of federal aid in the wake of last month’s ice storm – which did an estimated half a billion dollars worth of damage – it just won’t get the full reimbursement sought by Haley.

More than twenty counties will receive aid, though, after U.S. President Barack Obama signed a disaster declaration for the Palmetto State earlier this week.

Haley’s had better luck with the Obama administration in the past.  For example in 2011 her cash-strapped Department of Transportation (SCDOT) requested and received a $52 million bailout from Obama.

And while Haley is rejecting Obamacare Medicaid subsidies, her administration is growing its Medicaid rolls more than three times as fast as other states rejecting the Obamacare dollars.


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