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Lindsey Graham: Obama Lap Dog




U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham wants to help the administration of Barack Obama move its preferred version of a Ukrainian aid package through the GOP-controlled House of Representatives.

In fact Graham put his subservience to Obama on full display this week when U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry testified before a Senate panel regarding the Eastern European crisis.

After Kerry had concluded his testimony, Graham ambled up to him – offering to lobby House Speaker John Boehner on behalf of the administration’s position.

“Hey John, good job!” Graham told Kerry. “Let me know what I can do to help you with Boehner.”

Take a look …

(Click to play)

Neither knew Kerry’s microphone was still on …

For those of you keeping score at home, Boehner’s “Republican” House has already passed a $1 billion economic aid package for Ukraine.

What more could Obama possibly want, right?

A lot, actually …

Obama wants the House to approve the Senate’s version of a Ukrainian aid package – which includes language vowing sanctions against Russia as well as authorization for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to use additional U.S. taxpayer resources as part of a massive $15 billion bailout of Ukraine.

Ridiculous …

America is broke. Worse than broke, actually … our country is $17.4 trillion in debt. In other words, our taxpayers cannot afford to spend one dime on the situation in Ukraine (whether we should or not), nor can we afford to spend one dime on the IMF.

Obama, Kerry, Graham and Boehner are all wrong on this issue … although it is instructive to see Graham once again veering further to the left than the rest of the “Republican” establishment in Washington, D.C.

UPDATE: It didn’t take long for Graham’s GOP primary opponents to pounce …

“Here’s more evidence of Sen. Lindsey Graham working with Democrats,” Graham opponent Nancy Mace wrote on her Facebook page. “Americans would rather build up our own nation than spend money on foreign aid to another country.”

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