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NAACP Plans McConnell Protest




The national NAACP is planning to protest the College of Charleston in response to the school’s consideration of controversial lieutenant governor Glenn McConnell as its new president.

McConnell is one of three finalists for the College of Charleston job – even though the school’s foundation doesn’t want him (and even though a selection committee did not list him among its recommended finalists for the position).

Why is McConnell still in the running, then?

Easy: His South Carolina “Republican” buddies are applying all sorts of improper pressure on the school’s board members.

Local NAACP leaders have been criticizing McConnell’s candidacy for months … for obvious reasons.

“You can’t send a mixed message that we are concerned about diversity, we are trying to recruit minorities, we are doing the kinds of things that our college should be doing in Charleston in terms of making sure there is diversity at the school, and yet consider seriously hiring someone (like McConnell),” Charleston NAACP leader Dot Scott said in January.

Which is sort of what we said last October …

Till now, the outcry over McConnell’s candidacy has been confined to Charleston … although our sources say the NAACP is ready to ramp up its efforts in an attempt to bring national pressure to bear on the school.

Good …

We can’t stand the NAACP (and have said so on repeated occasions). But McConnell is a corrupt, fiscal liberal who has spent three decades screwing over the taxpayers of this state – a record he seems to think warrants a six-figure taxpayer salary from a totally superfluous taxpayer-funded institution.

Any group willing to pistol whip some bad news on his head has our blessing …

Pic: Travis Bell Photography

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