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Report: MOX Termination Underway




Potentially thousands of South Carolinians could lose their jobs if the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE) follows through on its plan to shutter the “mixed oxide fuel” (MOX) project at the Savannah River Site.

Earlier this week FITS reported on the cost overruns (and total lack of accountability) associated with this project – which is supposed to turn weapons grade plutonium into fuel for nuclear reactors.

This facility was supposed to have been completed in 2007 at a cost of $1.6 billion to taxpayers – but nearly $4 billion later it still isn’t done, and the total tab for the project is now nearing $10 billion.

Ah, government …

U.S. President Barack Obama cut funding for the program in his 2013 executive budget – and has zeroed it out moving forward. Meanwhile Congress – with the tacit support of U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson (RINO-S.C.) – has been taking money intended for the facility and spending it on weapons programs in other states.

Now the end is officially nigh …

According to Weapons Complex Monitor – a trade magazine that supplies intelligence on “cleanup and waste management within the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Weapons Complex” – the plug is about to be pulled.

Specifically, the publication says the agency has “dispatched a consultant to the Savannah River Site in recent days to examine options for terminating Shaw AREVA MOX Services’ contract for construction of the MOX plant at the site.”

Who is the consultant?

“Shutdown specialist” David Darugh – who managed the termination of another massive failed government boondoggle, Texas’ Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) project.

Wilson’s office has been understandably paranoid about this news getting out … not only as it relates to the shuttering of the project (and the associated job losses), but also his office’s complicity in the rerouting of federal funding.

Oh, and the fact that tons of weapons grade nuclear material is now permanently stuck in South Carolina.

“They are scared sh*tless,” one source familiar with the situation tells FITS.

They should be. In fact, we’re already hearing reports that an Aiken-based “Republican” is reaching out to supporters as part of a possible GOP primary campaign against Wilson.

Hmmmmmm …

Personally we have no problem with Wilson backing down on this project. Like the Texas’ super collider, it is the definition of a totally unaccountable big government boondoggle – one taxpayers had no business subsidizing in the first place.

Anyway, count on FITS to keep our readers up to speed on the rapidly evolving economic, environmental and political ramifications of this major story …