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Consider SC Foster Care Adoption



South Carolina’s child welfare agency is a disaster, people … and like everything else in the Palmetto State, there’s absolutely no accountability for the debacle.

That means the sooner children can be removed from this situation and placed in loving homes … the better.

Currently, there are 690 children in South Carolina who have been cleared for adoption yet are still waiting on a home. That figure comes from Somer Grasser, a political activist who works with the South Carolina Heart Gallery Foundation – a group working to facilitate foster care adoptions in the Palmetto State.

“Some of these children you may have passed in the grocery store today,” Grasser notes. “They may sit next to your child in school tomorrow.”

During the fourth quarter of 2013, nineteen new South Carolina families initiated the foster care adoption process. Meanwhile 21 children were matched up with families.

That’s the good news …

The bad news? The need remains a constant …

Grasser points out that parents who adopt children from foster care pay none of the fees associated with traditional adoptions – and are eligible for tax credits. She says her group also encourages adoptions by single mothers – who accounted for 27 percent of all finalized adoptions in America in 2012.

“You don’t have to wait until you’re married to consider adoption,” Grasser says.

To learn more about the South Carolina Heart Gallery Foundation, click HERE …

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