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GOP Attack Group Funded By Unions



Remember that establishment GOP group we wrote last October? The one whose leader vowed it would raise $8 million to “beat the snot out of” fiscally conservative candidates who dared to challenge status quo “Republicans?”

No? Here’s a refresher …

Anyway, Bloomberg reported this week that the group – which dubbed itself “Defending Main Street” – received more than 90 percent of its funding last year from organized labor.

Wait … a “Republican” group is getting bankrolled by the one of the biggest Democratic constituencies of them all? Yup … which provides us with further proof there’s not a nickel’s worth of difference between America’s two major parties.

“Defending Main Street, a super-political action committee aligned with the Washington-based Republican Main Street Partnership, received more than 90 percent of its $845,000 in donations last year from labor groups, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission,” Bloomberg’s Greg Giroux notes.

Really? When this group formed last year its leader – liberal “Republican” U.S. Rep. Steve LaTourette (RINO-Ohio) – said it would be funded by the “business community.”

Guess this is the establishment GOP’s definition of “business community.”

This left-wing group never fooled us for a second …

“If you think the establishment GOP candidates benefiting from this latest special interest group have your best interests at heart, you’re crazy. Like their Democratic allies, these GOP politicians are nothing but welfare statist crony capitalists who support growing government (at the expense of the middle class) in order to continue subsidizing an endless and unsustainable flow of handouts and bailouts,” we wrote. “So unless you’re upper management at a select corporation or a food stamp recipient – odds are this group is not going to be looking out for you.”

Unions are a cancer on this country … one the private sector has cut out almost completely. Unfortunately the ever-expanding government-run sector of our economy keeps these goons in business.

While they keep politicians like LaTourette in business …

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