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One of our readers was tooling around Drudge today when they stumbled upon a link to this story posted by Sacramento’s CBS affiliate – a story about a website which lets women call out other women who sleep with their husbands.

The name of the site?

Naturally our intrepid reader was curious as to whether any South Carolina women had been featured on this website, and (of course) the answer was “yes.” And (of course) one of them is allegedly a “junkie whore” who got another woman’s man “hooked on meth.”

Great … even in infidelity our state is “representing.”

Anyway, all of the posts on identify the alleged “homewrecker” – a.k.a. the point of the site – but hardly any of them identify the other individuals involved in these love triangles (i.e. those in the “wrecked” home).

There is one glorious exception our source uncovered, though …

According to this post, one of the men involved with an alleged Palmetto State “homewrecker” is a former North Charleston, S.C. police sergeant named Dean Hatchell who is currently employed as a medical coordinator for the city’s fire department.

Ordinarily we wouldn’t care about bureaucrats messing around on their spouses, but this guy stands accused of furthering his extramarital affair on the taxpayer dime … repeatedly.

Also, the NSFW “blow-by-blow” account written by the ex-cop’s wife – a local realtor – is simply must-read material.

Enjoy …

She’s A Homewrecker (Samantha Sharleen McArver)