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Nikki Haley’s “Common Core” Hypocrisy




One day the depths of the well that is S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s hypocrisy will (like Haley herself) be plumbed  … but that day is not today, friends.

That day is not today …

Why not? Because citizen reporter Jamie Murguia of The Nerve has a truly exquisite piece up – one which niftily exposes South Carolina’s “conservative” governor saying one thing and doing another. Again.

This time Haley is playing fast and loose with the issue of “Common Core,” an ostensibly “voluntary” and “state-driven” process of setting new academic benchmarks for America’s school children that in reality is a massive federal overreach.

According to Murguia’s column, Haley has publicly “blamed the implementation of Common Core standards on the previous administration,” quoting the governor as saying she has “actively supported efforts to pull South Carolina out of nationalized standards since taking office in 2011.”

Is that true?

No.  Like literally every word that comes out of Haley’s mouth, it’s not true.

“The governor reauthorized Common Core through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with federally funded SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium on June 9, 2011,” Murguia reports.

Not only that, Haley has continued to accept federal dollars linked to Common Core standards in her executive budgets.

“There is plenty Governor Haley could do in practice to stop Common Core,” Murgia concludes. “For example, she could use her executive budget to force lawmakers to at least publicly take the responsibility they already have for accepting the federal dollars that trigger federal mandates. Our state can’t ‘fight to keep all standards state based, not federal’ while we continue accepting federal dollars and federal mandates.”

Yeah. If this sounds eerily familiar to Haley’s views on health care funding, it should …

She is grabbing every dollar she can to grow government in South Carolina … with no thought to the strings attached.

Anyway … thanks to Murguia for digging deep on this issue. And be sure to pass along her column to anyone under the mistaken assumption that Haley is truly against “Common Core.”

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