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Davos: Helter Skelter



So that’s the Hotel Intercontinental in Davos, Switzerland … site of the 2014 World Economic Forum.

There, according to Zero Hedge “the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people meet to enjoy each other’s company, a fawning media, and of course the best food and entertainment that money can buy.”

Taxpayer money, of course …

Ironically, the subject of this year’s gathering – held behind a “$170 million fortress surrounded by barbed wire, security cameras, motion sensor(s) and even its own helipad” – is how to address the issue of wealth inequality.


Here’s the funny thing about wealth inequality (which is fueled by the unsustainable monetary and fiscal policies of central government banks): It has a funny way of addressing itself.

What we mean by that is there is only so much money government can steal from the middle class and the working poor (to give to the super rich and to government dependents) before one of two things eventually happens: Either the supply either runs out – or the people who are being robbed realize what’s happening and start fighting back.

Right now things are relatively sanguine … but as it becomes progressively harder for honest, hard-working people to make ends meet, they will increasingly turn their eyes toward gatherings like Davos with malevolent intent.

And justifiably so …

That’s because the wealthy and powerful hiding behind the walls of plush palaces like this … and edifices like it back here in the United States … did not earn their largesse. It was in far too many cases gift-wrapped for them by corrupt politicians – using money borrowed from your children and grandchildren.

Before anybody confuses that as the rhetoric of an Obama Marxist, this isn’t a call for wealth redistribution or an exhortation for the “workers of the world” to unite. It is simply a reminder that if global governments continue perpetrating generational theft against the only productive elements of their societies, consequences will follow …

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