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For the last four years, we’ve been privileged to feature the work of Lexington, S.C. photo artist Travis Bell on our website.  Bell is the best in the business, and he’s got plenty of hardware to prove it.

Honestly? We’re spoiled to work with a guy this talented year-in, year-out … and hope to keep working with him for many years to come.

2013 was another banner year for Bell – and not just when it comes to capturing memorable moments at the S.C. State House (his old stomping grounds) or at Clemson and University of South Carolina football games.

His cameras were everywhere … including the NBA All-Star game in Houston, Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte and Duke Chapel in Durham, N.C.

We live in a smartphone world that’s made everyone a photographer, but if you were looking for a reminder of what a real photographer does, then Bell’s website has you hooked up with two-page gallery entitled “2013 Pictures of the Year.”

If you’re a Gamecock or Tiger fan, you won’t want to miss it …

In addition to sports, Bell does weddings and political campaign events … so if you’re looking for the very best, do yourself a favor and look him up.