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Lindsey Graham Is A Sexy Bachelor?



We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: There’s hot – and then there’s office hot.

“Hot” is a genuinely attractive member of the opposite sex, while “office hot” is someone who becomes genuinely attractive because they’re the only person of the opposite sex you see everyday who doesn’t look like they took a nose dive off the “ugly Sequoia.”

Anyway … one rung below “office hot?” Political hot …

Which leads us to this …

According to the website Buzzfeed, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham – a 58-year-old never-been-married bumpkin from Seneca, S.C. who swears he “ain’t gay” – is the eighth-sexiest bachelor in Congress.

Really, Buzzfeed?

What’s especially embarrassing for Graham is that with the exception of  “sexiest congressional bachelor” Rep. Howard Coble – who is 82 years old and clearly added to the list as a joke – the other six gentlemen listed by Buzzfeed could actually be considered “office hot.”

Of course we’ll leave that determination up to the ladies … (well, and Lindsey).

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