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Insiders Still Predicting Bobby Harrell Exoneration




Last month this website published a report regarding the status of the ongoing investigation into powerful S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell – a wide-ranging probe into multiple alleged abuses.

In preparing that article, we spoke at length with well-placed sources in the S.C. Attorney General’s office, at the S.C. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) and the law offices of various attorneys familiar with the proceedings.

Virtually every single one of our sources predicted Harrell would be cleared of wrongdoing … with most surmising that his case would be referred to the S .C. House Ethics Committee, a legislative panel which infamously whitewashed a 2012 ethics case against S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley.

Another scandal swept under the rug, right?

Not so fast …

This week the apple cart of expectations was upset thanks to a surprise decision by S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson – who chose to refer Harrell’s case not to the Speaker’s underlings in the S.C. House – but rather to a statewide grand jury.

Wilson’s move – which sent shockwaves across the Palmetto political landscape – seemed to indicate the AG/SLED investigation had uncovered evidence of criminal wrongdoing against Harrell.  Moreover its timing – on the day before Harrell convenes the second regular session of the 120th S.C. General Assembly – seemed to be an effort to politically weaken the powerful Speaker.  Then there was the highly publicized spat between Harrell and Wilson’s press offices over whether the Speaker was properly notified prior to the Attorney General announcing his decision.

Where is all of this political drama leading?

Nowhere, we’re told.

“He’s still getting off,” one well-placed source in the S.C. Attorney General’s office told FITS.

Our SLED sources confirmed that assessment, tell FITS that their probe – while uncovering several “actionable ethics violations” – did not reveal evidence of criminal intent on Harrell’s part.

Hmmmm … if this is true, then why is Wilson convening a grand jury?

Guess we’ll find out in two months … which we’re told is the investigators’ time frame for wrapping up this latest phase of the Harrell probe.

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