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Doctor Clears Sandifer To Run Again



S.C. Rep. Bill Sandifer (RINO-Pickens) has been cleared by his physician to seek reelection to the S.C. House in 2014, should he choose to do so.

Sources told FITS earlier this month that Sandifer – who has been in the S.C. House since 1995 – was not running in 2014.  In fact several of the longtime lawmakers’ campaign finance donors told us he had tapped S.C. Department of Transportation (SCDOT) commissioner Eddie Adams of Seneca, S.C. to run as his successor.

Publicly, Sandifer has remained adamant that he IS running … although his health has become an issue in the wake of the brutal beating he suffered in at the hands of a prostitute in Panama City during a taxpayer-funded junket.

Wait … what? 

Yup … you can’t make this stuff up.

Doctors say Sandifer’s near death experience – in which he almost bled to death in a Panama City hotel room – exacerbated several preexisting medical conditions. At one point during his convalescence, the notorious alcoholic actually quit drinking for a period of two months in an effort to further his recovery.

Impressive …

Anyway, Sandifer is a hard core status quo lawmaker – a big government crony capitalist with no allegiance to individual liberty or the free market.  And as terrible a lawmaker as he is, he’s an even worse human being.

Oh well … with his doctor’s permission slip in hand, we suspect Sandifer might give it one more go before calling it a career …