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All Eyes On US Senate Money Race



U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham has a $7 million mountain of special interest money to spend on his 2014 reelection bid – a mountain that’s likely to grow this month when he releases his latest financial information.

How much more money will Graham add to the pile?

We’ll see ..

But perhaps a bigger question is whether any of Graham’s four (soon to be five?) challengers will begin to emerge as a credible fundraiser in their own right …

During the third quarter of 2013, Charleston businesswoman Nancy Mace led the “anti-Graham” field by raising roughly $140,000. S.C. Sen. Lee Bright came in second, raising approximately $100,000, while Upstate businessman and social conservative Richard Cash raised around $15,000.

Orangeburg attorney and Afghan War veteran Bill Connor had yet to enter the race at that point …

If a credible anti-Graham alternative is to emerge – a candidate national groups are willing to invest in – then one of these candidates is going to have to demonstrate in short order the ability to raise substantially more than $100,000 a quarter.

Anyway, stay tuned to FITS as we’ll bring you the financials from each campaign as soon as we have them this month …