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Today’s Tuneage: Brain Of J



So here’s Pearl Jam with “Brain of J,” the opening track off of the band’s 1998 album, Yield.

Following up on the song’s opening interrogatories … who has the brain of JFK? And what does it mean to us now?

Good questions …

Officially, the brain of John F. Kennedy – removed on November 22, 1963 during the controversial military autopsy of the late president – is missing. In fact it’s been missing since April 1965 – which is when Kennedy’s physician says he transferred it to the National Archives under the auspices of former presidential secretary Evelyn Lincoln, who was acting under orders from Robert F. Kennedy.

It hasn’t been seen since …

Where did it go? Easy: Into the aether along with the rest of the truth surrounding Kennedy’s assassination.

UPDATE: While we’re on the subject of Kennedy …