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Bright Issues Statement On Failed Senate “Appeasement” Strategy



The naïve bipartisan strategy preferred by Republican moderates like Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Mitch McConnell was further embarrassed on Thursday, as Harry Reid and the Democrats rammed through a measure limiting the rights of the Senate minority on a party line vote.

“I wonder if Lindsey Graham and John McCain have learned their lesson yet” said Lee Bright following the 52-48 vote engineered by Reid that takes away the 60 vote cloture rules on certain Senate votes.  The conservative challenger to Graham who has been picking up major endorsements and straw poll victories all across the state, added that “we’ve said from day one that the problem in this country is the Obama-Reid-Schumer agenda, and Republicans like Graham, McCain and Mitch McConnell refuse to fight it. People like Graham insult patriots like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, insisting that we must reach across the aisle and work together. How’s that working out for you today, Mr. Graham?”

Bright went on to say that “average Americans who are not caught up in the beltway bubble can see our enemies for who they are, and that’s why they are joining our campaign and why the endorsements are rolling in. What happened today is more proof that Lindsey Graham is well past his sell-by date, and it’s why we are going to retire him this summer.”


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