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Barack Obama Has His Finger On The Problem



This story went virtually unreported by the mainstream media, but earlier this month U.S. President Barack Obama sat down with NBC reporter Chuck Todd to discuss the colossal failure of the website.

During that interview, Obama had some telling comments regarding this $1 billion pooch screw.

For example, here’s how he responded when Todd asked him why he was able to build a working campaign website … but not a government one …

“Well, the reason is is that when it comes to my campaign, I’m not constrained by a bunch of federal procurement rules, right?” Obama said.

Wait … Obama? Constrained by rules?

That’s a new one …

“One of the lessons learned from this whole process on the website is that probably the biggest gap between the private sector and the federal government is when it comes to IT,” Obama added.

Ya think?

Later in the interview, Obama offered his thoughts on why this is the case.

“When we buy IT services generally, it is so bureaucratic and so cumbersome that a whole bunch of it doesn’t work or it ends up being way over cost,” he said.

Wow …

Blogger Ann Althouse picked up on the fundamental disconnect here …

“This should have made him sympathetic to the way government burdens private enterprise, but he’s focused on liberating government to take over more of what has been done privately,” Althouse wrote. “And yet there’s no plan, no idea about what would suddenly enable government to displace private businesses competing to offer a product people want to buy.”

“Instead, we’ve been told we must buy a product, and things have been set up so we can only go through the government’s market (the ‘exchange’), and the government has already demonstrated that its market doesn’t work,” Althouse adds. “But you can’t walk away, you’re forced to buy, and there’s nowhere else to go. And yet, he wants us to feel bad about the cumbersome bureaucracy the government encountered trying to procure the wherewithal to set up the market it had already decided we would all need to use.”

Exactly …

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