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#ObamaFail: Nobody Wants Socialized Medicine



U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration claimed that 106,185 people selected a health care plan through federal and state Obamacare exchanges during the month of October – well below the goal of 500,000.

Only 27,000 signed up through the federally administered exchanges.

Of course as we previously noted, even these abysmal numbers appear to be artificially high. How come? Well let’s just say there’s a big difference between putting a plan in your online shopping cart and actually paying for it – and just because 106,185 people “selected” a plan that doesn’t mean they actually purchased it.

Meanwhile millions of Americans have seen their existing coverage cancelled due to Obamacare – while millions more have seen their premiums increase.

Nonetheless the Obamacare “good news” was heralded by a White House eager for something – anything – positive to say about the law in the wake of its disastrous rollout.

“The marketplace is working, and people are enrolling,” embattled U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) director Kathleen Sebelius said.

Hmmm-kay, lady.